Computation of Separation Pay | Philippine Labor Laws Computation of Separation Pay | Philippine Labor Laws

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Employee Discipline and Termination Separation pay may be computed based on the terms provided in the employment contract, company policy, or collective bargaining agreement. Sorry For agency applications, please visit dfa. Nelz September 29, at 1: For some employers, sa 30th na nagde-deduct kasi by the 30th or 31st, alam na yong actual o correct gross salary for the month.

A fraction of at least 6 months shall be considered as one whole year.

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October 23, at 6: An employee terminated for health reasons disease under Article should be paid separation pay equivalent to at least one-month salary or to at least one-month salary for every year of service, whichever is higher.

Now, what if the employee has served for less than 6 months, how much separation pay will he get? To be sure just call DFA hotline. An employee terminated based on installation of labor-saving devices or redundancy is entitled to at least one-month salary or to at least one-month salary for every year of service, whichever is higher.

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The amount of separation pay may vary depending on the specific ground relied upon for the termination. You are not allowed to place multiple appointments in our system.

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